Dating in Italy

Hi. I’ve being a member of Flirtational since January (approximately). My mom subscribed me because she was worried I didn’t have any boyfriend even being intelligent, striking, and with an excellent job.

Then I meet Mark. While I was searching for a perfect match, his profile came to my screen with 100% and he was the only one on that resulting list. So I decided to email him Thursday night, he answer me next Friday morning, we ate lunch same Friday and we never being apart ever since.

We love each other. He loves my family, friends. His family and friends are great…I can’t wait to be with him forever…look at him every morning and night, share his happiness and sadness, just be happy forever! We both live in Italy, pretty close one from the other. But because of the political situation in our country, we are still looking for an apartment, and we’ll get marry as soon as we find were to live. We think on December!

I am an Assistant Administrator, 25 years old.He is a Tennis Instructor, 24 years old, divorce. The funny side of this story is that he never joined Flirtational. It was one of his
friends who subscribed him too. Thanks to Flirtational, his friends and mine, for playing such a great Cupid. He’s the man of my dreams!!