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Film Latex – Exclusive Latex Babe Films

Bored and frustrated one night I stumbled upon your web site. I decided what the heck and did the free offer. Then 6 to 8 weeks later I met my soulmate thru email. That was on Oct. 9th. We talked that week by email. Then by phone on that Friday night, we met in person at the shopping mall on October 17th and have been inseparable since. Our wedding is planned for May 5th. Flirtational has certainly changed my life and his. It is hard for me to imagine him not being a part of my life because we have so many things in common and share so much. I believe we have an open communicative relationship because we talked for that short week at least twice a day by email. And yes, we still email each other everyday from our jobs. It is a wonderful way to communicate.

Film Latex – Exclusive Latex Babe Films

My name is Marquis. I do believe we have the success story of the year. In March I came across your web page by pure coincidence. I was browsing without any intention when I came upon your page. I filled in the profile page of myself and my ideal partner. I submitted it just as I was called away on other business. I had forgotten it completely.

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About three weeks later I received this anonymous email through the Flirtational. It turned out Ellie had only just received Internet on her computer and was also just browsing. It took me about three day to reply as I was very sceptical. I was fifty four years of age and had been living on my own for five years. The people I had met were either divorcees with a tremendous amount of baggage or widows who had not been able to let go of their late husbands. I myself had become suspicious of everyone’s intentions.

I replied anyway giving a brief description of myself not expecting to hear anymore. Lo and behold I received a reply a day later. This carried on with an email every couple of days. We then decided to exchange photographs. I am terribly camera shy to a point of neurosis. I received Ellie`s and was completely shocked. The picture I saw was a replica of the mental picture I had when filling in the profile of my perfect partner. This uncanny similarities grew as we corresponded with each other with regard to our likes and dislikes. The list just grew and grew. One comes to mind. I remember saying that I dislike tomato soup. The answer I received was it was also one of her dislikes. These emails intensified to three a day. Not just short ones but many as much as three pages long. The day came when it was time to meet each other face to face. I lived in Cape Town and Ellie. I travelled up by Inter City bus sweating blood not knowing what to expect. If she would like me or me her.

Ellie met me at the bus station. The moment we set eyes on each other everything just clicked together. Within twelve hours I had proposed to her and she had accepted. We were married on the 25th June 1999. A miracle with a lot of help from the Flirtational. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank You Once Again