Speed Dating Tricks

Perhaps the biggest psychological benefit of speed dating is that it forces you to sit down and think about what you want in a partner before you attend the event. Many find that the process of writing down the questions to interview the other person aids them in sorting out their own priorities and what they would like to do with their life in the future

Speed dating is also personally empowering because it puts you in the position of choosing a partner. This is very different than the “beggar” position that most people are put into as they try to mate people online or in bars.  Suddenly concepts such as “settling for less” or “leaving things to fate” are left out of the mating equation!

Speed dating also lends a civility and courtesy to the mating game. There is no need to reject someone face to face.  There is no need to feel cornered into accepting a date out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  This is because the dating process is anonymous.

This type of meeting men is also safer for women. Some event organisers actually ask for proof of I.D and slightly screen the male clients so that no woman is at risk of being interviewed by a “weirdo” or a potential stalker. Speed dating games that are held in churches or by religious organisations are particularly good at screening applicants before they are let into the game.

Speed dating is also more chivalrous for men. It is understood that you are not there to “get laid” but rather there to get to know someone.

The amazing thing about speed dating can also expand your horizons and even challenge your ideas about what you think you wanted in a partner in the first place. You may meet someone who opens your heart and mind to new possibilities in your life in general. For instance, if you are an artist who never thought you could find happiness with a dentist – well maybe you can!