Are You Ready For Commitment?

Are you ready to settle or are you still playing the field? Find out how close you are to commitment with ths month’s Love Quiz.

1. When your partner suggests dinner at their parents’ home, together with their three brothers, Uncle Bob, Aunt Felicity and the rest of the clan, what goes through your mind?
“Cool, I finally get to meet the in-laws, I hope they like me.”
“Well, it’s only one evening, how bad can it be?”
“Thanks, but I’d sooner have my legs chewed off by an alligator.”

2. You bump into a couple of friends in the mall with their new baby. Do you:
Go all gooey and make silly noises while waving your fingers in the poor mite’s face?
Wonder if your offspring will look like that?
Notice how haggard your friends look and wonder about the last time they got a full night’s sleep?

3. You pass by the jewelry store and your partner stops to look at the rings. Do you:
Ask subtly what ring size they are, while trying to play down your interest?
Check out the price tags and make mental notes of the different styles for future use?
Point to the watches and remind them it’s your birthday next week?

4. You go to a party and start chatting to someone at the bar. They look absolutely stunning, but they tell you they haven’t had a job for over a year and their longest relationship lasted an entire weekend. Do you think:
“What a loser!” and move on by?
“What a waste!” and wonder at the unfairness of it all?
“What a stroke of luck!” and suggest blowing the joint and heading for somewhere a little more private…

5. Your partner picks up a horrible flu and lies in bed next to a mountain of wet tissues, complaining how awful they feel. Do you:
Spend the weekend making hot soups and herbal remedies and note how cute they look even with a streaming face and puffy cheeks?
Pop to the drug store for a cold cure and try to avoid getting too close until they feel better?
Feel sorry for them, but see no reason why that should stop you having a good time – it is the weekend after all?

6. You’re sitting in a restaurant when your ex walks in with some gorgeous model hanging from their arm. It was a stormy relationship and a bitter breakup and you only survived with the help of long phone calls and constant infusions of Haagen Daz. When the happy couple comes over, do you:
Smile and wish them the best of luck while thinking how lucky you are to be rid of the creep and free to find someone who’s actually right for you?
Smile bravely while wondering what that bimbo’s got that you haven’t?
Run to the bathroom where you call your best friend on your cellular and tell them to order a gallon of mint-chocolate chip, you’re coming over.

7. You find an invitation to your childhood friend’s wedding lying in your mailbox. You knew they were engaged but you hadn’t really given it much thought. Do you:
Caress the envelope lovingly, while imagining your name on the inside?
Open it with a touch of envy and wonder how long it will be before you’re sending out the invites?
Pity their lost freedom and think nostalgically about the great times you had together cruising the singles bars?

8. You go back to your folks for the weekend, and as always your mother starts dropping subtle hints about your continuing singlehood. How do you respond?
Tell her you’re doing your best but it’s just so hard to find a good prospect.
Assure her it’ll happen when it happens but in the meantime you’re very happy and in no great rush.
Laugh at the thought and quote the statistics for divorce.

9. It’s your birthday and you note that another year’s gone by and you still haven’t met your dream lover. What’s the solution?
Compromise. Your ideal lover may never come along, but a good partner may have just as much to offer.
Keep looking, something good might be just around the corner.
Don’t sweat it. You don’t want to meet the person of your life right now, just someone for right now.

10. When you think about the future, how do you see yourself?
Playing with the grandchildren while your spouse gives your grown-up kids tips on how to build a happy marriage.
Sharing your old age with the same person you shared middle age.
Still firing on all cylinders – a kind of Mick Jagger on Viagra.